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As the flow of time streams past us, it carries little “mishap blobs” that will strike us if we are standing in their path.

The best way to protect against them is to surround ourselves with a “worry shield” that diverts them around us. This requires constant vigilance; accidents happen when you are not thinking about their possibility.

Unfortunately, maintaining this worry shield requires a lot of effort and is the source of a lot of negative thinking. If we do not continually review our list of potential calamities, we might forget some of them and leave a vulnerability in our shield. This task has become ingrained in our psyches. It leads to a lot of unhappiness and missed potential.

The purpose of “Worry Bubbles” is to provide a way to keep your worry shield active without having to think about it all the time.

You put each worry in a bubble, and then revisit it as needed. You don’t have to be concerned that you will lose track of it.